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Relax; Rejuvenate and Meditate!


SIDUS is a beautiful site to give a sense of oneness with nature and is also home to a variety of activities. But because of our mountainous region, most of the activities are weather dependent. NO WORRIES! SIDUS has found a solution for that too. Even on the days, when you would rather stay indoors due to rains or snow, we wish everyone to enjoy at all-times, hence we have created a special space, SPA SERENO.


Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment! Your body is pretty good at letting you know that you need to seriously de-stress and relax or in other words you need a massage. A massage is a treatment which aims to relax,revive and heal the body.

Spa Sereno will make you feel healthier and happier. It offers a variety of services for the purpose of improving your health through personal care treatments. Steam bath will sweat off all your stress and wellness centre will provide the harmony between mind and body. Even a short 10-20 minutes’ foot massage can really help you relax and improves circulation. And this is not all, you can meditate and practice mindfulness at our Serene meditation hall.


SIDUS GALAXY…. A Starry Sojourn!

A Boutique Resort with so much to offer

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